Bolts Nuts
12 Point 12 Point Semi-Tubular Body Bound Bearing Liner
Eye Coupling Domed Head Continuous Thread Bearings
Heavy Hex Covered Flat Head Double End Bushings
Hex Head Cap Finished Hex Blind Full Thread Couplings
Flange Flex Loc Solid Tap Crossfire Tube
Shoulder Heavy Hex   Weld Drives
Socket Head Hex Jam Screws   Filter Elements
Structural Hex Machine Screw 12 Point Cap Washers Fittings
U Bolts Impeller Flat Hex cap Bearing Flanges
Nylon Insert Prevailing Torque Lock Nut Flange Belleville Grommets
Seal Finished Hex Jam Hex Head Grade 2 Beveled Gussets
Insulated Left Hand Thread Hex Head Grade 5 Borescope Plug Hose Clamp
Shoulder Round Hex Head Grade 8 Countersunk Lock Keys
Jack Self Locking Nylon Insert Hex Socket Cap Disc Srping Liner Straps
Fan Blade   Heavy Hex Cap Fiber Lock Plate
Double Hex Cap Pins Machine Thread (multiple head styles & drives)  Flat Motors
Tension Alignment Metric Flat- Narrow Series Name Plate
Tapered Thread (U Bolt) Bracket Lock Nylok Flat- Wide Series Retaining Rings
  Bracket Seal Self Tapping Flat-Medium series Rail Protectors
Gaskets & Seals Bucket Seal Socket Button Head Insulated Shield Nozzle
Cloth Centering Socket Flat Head Lock- External Tooth Shims
E Series Clevis Shoulder Lock- Internal Tooth Lock Spacer Blocks
Spiral Wound Cotter Socket Set Lock- Split Springs
Stator Diaphram Thread Cutting Retaining Ring Stator Keys
Stop Dowel U Drive Spherical Threaded Rod
V series Eccentric   Spring Valves
  Groove Plugs & Caps Thrust Hoses
  Inserts Guide Borescope Weigh Balanced Ladders
Solid Headless Clearanceometer   Sealants
Wire Thread- Free Running Hardened Flow Probe Wiring Accessories Desicant Bags
Wire Thread- Locking Hinge Inner Barrel Insulated Terminal Lugs Radial Fans
  Nozzle Pipe Non-Insulated Terminal Lugs  
  Roll / Spring Square Head Pipe Cable Ties  
  Seal Dust Caps Glands  
  Shoulder Ladder Caps Wire Duct  
  Taper   Cable Ladder  
      Cable Treys  
      Screw Mount Binder Base  
      Adhesive Mount Binder Base  
      Custom Labels  
      U Clamps  
      Heat Shrink Sleeving  

* We specialize in providing machined parts to drawing

Materials, Finishes and Process Modifications Preformed

Stainless Steels Other Materials   Steel Grades   Plating Finish  
18-8 Aluminum Low Carbon through Alloys Including: Black Oxide
303 A286 ASTM 193 including Grades: B7 & B16 Copper
304 Brass ASTM 194 including Gr.2 & Gr. 2H Chrome
310 Bronze B5F5 Diffused Nickel Cadmium
316 Copper   Galvanized
330 Hastelloy Process Modifications Nitride
347 Inconel 12 Point Head Scalloping Olive Drab
410 Nylon Bolt Insulation Zinc
416 Phosphorous Bronze Head Drilling Zinc w/ Yellow Dichromate
422 Silicon Bronze Length Modification  
430 Titanium Nyloking  
431   Teflon Coating  

* Over 10000 different products in inventory

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Energy Hardware specializes in the sourcing and supply of special hot forged, cold forged, stamped and machined products for industries including Power Generation, Oil & gas, Construction, Aerospace, Wind and more.